Big Woods Vista

The Hopewell Big Woods Trail offers excellent views of hillsides, meadows, woodlands, and in the distance, the Oley Hills.

Big Woods Vista

The Hopewell Big Woods Trail is named for its location within the 73,000 acre Hopewell Big Woods. The Big Woods is the largest contiguous forest in southeastern PA. This area is also part of the federally-designated Pennsylvania Highlands region and the Schuylkill River National Heritage Area.

Use the interactive map below to explore the unprotected land along the trail corridor. Click on the focus area name on the map to learn why the area was identified as threatened.


Union Township, Berks County, PA

Trail Partners

These stakeholders maintain and care for this trail resource.

Did you know?

A population increase of 10.9% is projected for Berks County by 2040. Learn more »

Parcels in the Focus Area

Total Parcels: 144

  • Protected 12%
  • Unprotected 88%


unprotected acres

Land development could mean a loss of wooded open space and views from the Big Woods Trail.

The Threatened Trail View focus areas were selected by examining population projections and future land use.

What We Could Lose